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Examination Scanning

Instructors and Teaching Assistants in the Faculty of Social Science (main campus) may bring their multiple choice examination sheets to the Social Science Technology Services (SSTS) main office (SSC 1228) for scanning. This is a free service offered during regular office hours, providing 24 hour turn around* processing. This faculty based service is restricted to main campus Social Science courses. All others are directed to use the examination scanning services provided by ITS, located on the the first floor of the Support Services Building.

There are three options for completing the Scantron Submissiont form:

SSTS Office

If you are coming directly from your exam, don't have time to go online, or you would like assistance, you are welcome to complete and print the form in the SSTS Main Office, SSC 1228.

Complete Form

If you are a GTA or you don't have access to a printer, you can still complete the form online. We will print the form when you bring your exams to the SSTS Main Office, SSC 1228. Scantron Submission

Complete and Print

You can complete the form online and bring it to the SSTS Main Office, SSC 1228, with your exams. Use this method if someone is delivering exams on your behalf, or if you just want to drop and go. Scantron Submission

*Exams for classes of size 500 or more may take up to 48 hours.

After the exam sheets have been scanned, instructors are encouraged to use Scan Exam-II scoring software, available from our software download web site, to grade their exam. There are Scan Exam-II Help Notes also on this site for both the beginner and advanced user. Overall, the scoring software is straightforward to use and provides very useful feedback to the instructor regarding the performance of the students and the exam questions themselves.

Note:  Exam hard copies should be picked up promptly after you receive an email with the attached .dat file of the scanned student sheets.

Instructors who do not wish to grade their own multiple choice exams can have them scanned at ITS and pay to have them marked with ScanExam software.

Before Dropping Off Your Exam Sheets:

Please pre-count your sheets into crossed piles of 50. This is a simple accounting method to ensure that you pick up the same number of exam sheets that you delivered to us.  In addition, keeping the exam sheets in the same piles of 50 makes it easier for you to find individual sheets and match them to specific records at times when you need to check for errors during the ScanExam marking process.

Best Practices

TA's, professors, and students need to avoid any extra markings on the Scantron sheet, and only bubble in the answers, the student number, or the 9's for the Master Key, and complete the information requested above the lines. For example: