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Media Equipment

Classroom Media Equipment

If your classroom does not have media equipment installed we can provide the following:

Document Camera

A colour document camera is available and can be borrowed for classes or presentations. It can be connected to a computer or laptop (VGA Connector) or media projector directly (VGA or Composite video connector) and can display live motion video, documents, experiments and 3D objects. A microscope adapter is also available. If you want to capture video or snapshots the document camera software can be installed. Make sure that you indicate that you want to capture the video or snapshots at the time of your booking. This is the ideal tool to use if you want to share a unique object or document with your class, without risking damage or loss. All students will see the item at the same time and the instructor can draw attention to specific details.

Skype Mobile Unit

If you need to make a conference call with both video and audio, you can use a Skype computer / webcam setup that is available on a cart.  It can be used in SSC 1222 or it can be borrowed and used elsewhere in the faculty.