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Student at Print Release Station

Print Release Station

Student with printing


Student Use Laser Printer (HP LaserJet P4010) - SSC 1020

*Attention Undergraduate Students: Take advantage of the subsidized printing and print to this printer from another location while on campus by using the Web Print feature in PaperCut. Printing is subsidized by the Social Science Student Council Student Donation fund.

Student Use Colour Laser Printer (HP Colour LaserJet 3800) - SSC 1020

Graduate Student Laser Printer (HP LaserJet P4010) - SSC 1038

Graduate Student Colour Laser Printer (HP Colour LaserJet M553) - SSC 1038

§ The Network Path is used when adding a printer definition to your PC.

To add a printer definition for the laser to your computer, make a note of the Network Path as shown above and follow the instructions on our Install a Network Printer page.  Social Science faculty, graduate students, and staff may also have access to networked printers available in departments. Contact your departmental administrator for more information.